We set tables to
bring us back together.

Let’s eat.

We bring people from all walks of life together to share a meal at one, long table.

Black. White. Healthy. Struggling, thriving – all together.

We believe in the power of the table – and shared meal – as a place to be seen, heard and known. 

You’re Invited

It may seem simple, but sharing a meal
with someone else has a profound impact
on our well-being and can make our world a
friendlier place!

Haven’t been to a table and you live in Denver? Well please introduce yourself and we will make sure you’re invited to our next table!

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Table Events for Your Organization

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It’s time to Reconnect.

A Thriving City of
Connected Humans

In a culture of growing polarization, a soaring mental health crisis and a city where every two out of five people report feeling isolated and alone,* we know the work of breaking down barriers is vital.

We envision a thriving and healthy city where neighbors know one another and people of diverse stories share meals and experience an increased sense of belonging.

* Cigna Healthcare, 2018

Our Mission

Our mission is to reclaim the power of the common table and shared meal to inspire the connection of all people – families, neighbors, communities, organizations – as well as alienated or opposed groups of people through table events, consulting, education and media.

When we eat together, the table reveals our shared humanity and fundamental sameness and holds the explosive potential to connect peoplecultivate understanding and honor our differences.

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