Our Story.

This journey started about eight years ago when a friend of ours invited us to a ‘table.’

With a little social anxiety, we showed up.

Under a beautiful oak tree sprawled a long table with real plates and silverware, bouquets of sunflowers and candles.

Walking down the length of table, a place card with first names framed each plate – and then our names, as if set for us.

Others arrived and small conversations lit up. Soon, we sat and started eating and before long, a few hours passed with evening setting in.

We met some of our now, best friends at that table. And something changed on that summer night – we didn’t feel so alone. We felt seen and heard – and we heard other’s stories.

We realized, we have so much more in common than not with people who may not look like us or come from the same neighborhood.

And so, we started setting more tables. Because if there’s anything our world needs right now, it’s more tables.

Let’s set a table!

Stay updated with events, updates and inspiration to keep setting those tables.

Longer Tables is a 501(c)(3). EIN: 87-1364602

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